Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is a nine-person body elected by the organization’s membership. Each member serves a three-year term, except for two positions which are held for one-year appointees at the discretion of the seated President.   Members may be community representatives, advocates, or family members. Below is a listing of the current Board.


Title Term Began Term Ends
Edward Feuer – First Term Member October 2018 September 2021
Florence Bagsby – Second Term 1st Vice President October 2017 September 2020
Tom Wong – Appointment Treasurer October 2019 September 2020
Bobbie Hedges – First Term Secretary October 2017 September 2020
Sylvia Cameron – Second Term President October 2019 September 2022
Linda Quesada Schlein – First Term 2nd Vice-President October 2017 September 2020
Randal Margaret Snyder – First Term Member October 2018 September 2021
Doris Sims – Appointment Member October 2016 September 2019

John P. Kirk – Second


DeEtte Lankford                   




October 2018

October   2019

September 2021

October 2020