Residential Services

The Arc-South Bay owns one home in Torrance for use as a residence for individuals with developmental disabilities. Established in 1977 for six adults, this in-community home provides a semi-independent living situation. Residents are responsible for their own housework, cooking and shopping tasks. House managers guide the residents through their everyday living experiences, including training for money management, nutrition, recreation, and personal care and grooming.

Each individual participates in decision making and planning their activities. Goals and objectives are based on individual levels of functions. Target areas may include, but are not limited to:

  • Daily Living Skills – grooming, hygiene, meal planning, laundry, housekeeping, budgeting and shopping.
  • Socialization Training – interpersonal relationships, entertaining, participation in community recreation and social programs, and at-home leisure activities.
  • Independent Living Skills – using public transportation, developing vocational skills and personal development.

Admission Criteria

Individuals who live in Southwest House must meet the following criteria. They must be individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who:

  • are ambulatory.
  • are over age 18.
  • are employed in a full five-day vocational or educational program or community employment.
  • are eligible for SSI support.
  • have potential for making independent decisions.
  • do not require intense medical, psychiatric or nursing care.
  • must be registered with a Regional Center.
  • have the capacity to respond to training in independent living skills.